Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The messes I create in the name of Molly

Cutting circles, and circles, and circles. Even Kevin helped because I let him use the $36 pair of scissors. (his affection is conditional). These are only the apricot/more pink/slightly orange, but not really colors. Peridot & chocolate brown are currently being tackled.
did it work?

In the beginning...

that's all I really have on that subject.

Trying to get this "blog" thing figured out. Are people really going to read this? How do people keep up with it all?

Just getting ready for a little dinner party. We're having white girl enchiladas because Kara (twin) can't have anything spicy. I'm also working on Molly's (most adorable girl in the world) hair flowers for her wedding. Lots of circles being cut from fabric.

I want a Boston Terrier & I'm going to name him Dave.