Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yes Eight...

Apparently octopus have 8 legs...errr...tentacles.  This is a screen print I created, I have a love for them, for the way they look at least.  I can manipulate everything, create movement and fluidity.  There is a joke among my family and Metalsmithing class in college I never made my octopus with 8 tentacles, sometimes aesthetically it just doesn't fit!  So I made an edition of 8 prints with 8 tentacles and titled it "Yes Eight" to be spiteful and make my point.

A long time friend Chad Bowles, also an incredibly talented piano player purchased on of my prints off my Etsy site.  This was also the inspiration for his album cover I created for his beautiful music.  The concept was to create the fluidity of the music, how it dances through your mind and air as you listen.

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