Friday, October 12, 2012

Give it a new life...

I like to make things pretty. I don't like spending a ridiculous amount of money to make that happen so I try to come up with a way to do it on my own.

I had an old lamp with an ugly shade, it was the wrong shape, color & it was just outdated in general. I searched for a shade with a different structure & something inexpensive, which of course is easier said then done.

After trips to numerous stores, I found the perfect shape and size, but it had a stain on it. Worked out fine since I got an extra 10% off and I was going to recover it in something else anyways. 

Shade in "before" form

I went to the fabric store & wandered around for something to inspire me. I came across this navy blue lace & knew instantly it was perfect. I only needed about 1/2 a yard, so it was only around five bucks.

Came home, hot glued the fabric around the interior edge of the shade and also had to make a trip to Home Depot for new hardware since the existing components were no longer compatible (very annoying).

Shade in "voila" form
I am very satisfied with my new lamp. Probably spent $20.00-$25.00 total, but still significantly less than if I were to buy this in the store. Plus I just like to try & be crafty, it makes me happy.

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  1. Very creative and quite lovely. It's an unusual shade, but it works beautifully - I especially like the contrast against the curtains (or wall if you move it).